Hotwire TVNetwork  is the newest and soon to be the most well known local market for new and upcoming television shows. A local market by our definition is tv-show made by any individual, Production Company or corporation that has a grab on a specific demographic in region. Our TV-network will cover and accept all shows for reviewing inside and outside of the US that can meet that definition. We are a global network and do not limit the amount of content by geographical or language boundaries but instead by the quality of content and number of people interested in specific genres. We will be expanding to have an international review team that will review all show content submitted in as many languages as we can encompass.

Hotwire TVNetwork is very user friendly allowing for easy to use site navigation with drop down bars and menus and easy player video viewing. We do not censor our material as each show is a creative piece of art by each production team. We do have video and show content reviewers who will exercise caution in allowing anything too outlandish on the site but generally our rating will be from G(general audiences) to MA(mature audiences).

The lack of censorship, local viewership and variation of genres will allow for Hotwire TVNetwork  to surpass most if not all other online tv-network streaming.